How to Pay Fee Online Through Net Banking Debit Card Credit Card UPI Complete Procedure

How to Pay Fee Online Through Net Banking Debit Card Credit Card UPI Complete Procedure

How to Pay Fee Online Payment
How to Pay Fee Online: Some of the aspirants who are applying for any of the online exam or various public sector exams will be facing difficulty while paying the exams fees. If you reach any net center there, they will be asking for some fees to apply. In order to avoid it you can pay the fees by yourself by following the steps given below. Many times people will think that after the submission of the application the applying part is over but the real completion of exam is only after paying the fees properly.

Only when you get a receipt of payment by the bank you can conclude that you have completed your registration. For many exams it will be like paying through demand draft to the bank which is an offline method. But most of us will be preferring online payment method since it can be done in the home itself. In order to pay the exam fees without any error. Please follow the below steps. 

Online Payment Method- Full Details: 

To complete the payment please do it quickly within 5 mins or lesser since the page will get redirected or refresher if the time exceeds more to complete  the transaction.

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Net Banking:

Before starting the payment please cross check yourself whether you are in Net Banking tab or not.It is also one of the fastest mode of payment. Before proceeding with the net banking payment you must activate your net banking with your respected bank you can login to any of the online page of the banks by entering your customer id.

Online Payment via Net Banking

Step 1: First select Net Banking section in payment page.

Step 2: After that click which bank you have net banking such as SBI, HDFC, ICICI, Indian Bank etc.

Step 3: Provide Username and Password correctly and press submit button.

Step 4; After that OTP will sent to registered mobile number. Enter the one time password then press ok button.

Step 5: Finally the window shows payment was successful. For further and future purposes please take and keep the printed page of the successful page.

Debit Card: 

Most of the people tend to pay the fees through debit card only since it will be one of the easiest way. Before starting the payment process be ready with the debit card and your registered mobile number near to you. Since most of the bank will send OTP (one time registration pin). But some of the bank will allow you to enter the ATM pin of your debit card.

Online Payment using Debit Card

Before starting the payment process make sure you are at the right tab that is Debit Card tab.

Step 1:  Enter your card number which present at the front part of your Debit Card. Enter the card number properly. 

Step 2: Then it will ask for cvv number which will be present at the back side of the it will be generally a three digit number.

Step 3: Then the third step is you need to enter your expiry date of the card which will be present in the format of dd/yyyy and also you need to enter the name present in the card.

Step 4: By clicking on submit it will direct you to another page where you have to generate otp for your payment which can be generated by clicking on generate OTP. 

Step 5: After entering the generated OTP click on submit then it will redirect you to to the payment successful page where you can see like payment is successful. With this the payment process and the application is completed.

Step 6: Print the payment successful page for future purpose.

Credit Card: 

It is same like Debit Card payment but make sure that you are present in the credit card tab.

Online Payment using Credit Card

Step 1:  Enter your card number which present at the front part of your Credit Card. Make sure you are entering the credit card number without any error.

Step 2: Second step is where you have to enter your cvv number which will be present at the back side of your credit card.

Step 3: The last step on the first page is to enter your first name and the validity of your card which will be present below the card number.

Step 4: After the submission of the first page it will direct you to enter the OTP number which is generated by clicking the OTP generated button. It will be generated to your registered mobile number.

Step 5: Once after entering the OTP number payment process will be completed and you can have the hard copy of the success page for future purpose.


It is nothing but Unified Payment Index which can be used to pay the fees for online application. And it is also considered to the one of the fastest way of payment.

Payment using UPI

You will be having a UPI id with the BHIM application which can be downloaded from the google play store.

Now go to payment through UPI tab.

Step 1: Enter your UPI id which will be mostly your phonenumber@UPI or name.

Step 2: It will directed to BHIM app where you can make payment through online.

Step 3: After that enter UPI pin number which you created already. 

Step 4: After the completion it will go to payment successful. Thereby you will complete the payment.

Amount Debited but Payment Not successful:

For sometimes it will come as payment not successful but the amount will be debited from your bank account at that time please don't get feared or panic it may due to some network issue or bank server problem.

Whatever be the amount that is been deducted will be credited to your account within seven days or lesser than that these days are counted only for working days.

Even after seven days if the amount is not credited to your account then you can contact the customer care of your bank, No need to worry about the amount it will surely credited to your account.

List of organization which accept online payment :

Now a days most of the organization are accepting online payment. Candidates can also pay fee through filling Challan and Demand Draft. Here we provide some of organization which accept online payment.

Electricity Bill
Public Service Commission
Postal Exam

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